We are guessing you love your new shoes, want to wear them a lot and have them stay looking great. Here are our expert recommendations and tips.

  • Keep your shoes clean. Remove dirt and any spills regularly using a soft brush or damp cloth.
  • Polish and protect the material using a quality and specialised product. We recommend you always give your new shoes a protective coating of polish or Waterproof Protector before you wear them for the first time.
  • Check your shoes regularly for abnormal wear. We all create wear on our shoes differently and early detection is the key to prevent breakages and expensive repairs. Pay attention to heels and soles. Seek attention early.
  • Wet shoes should always be left to dry naturally - never use artificial heat. Modern footwear contains many heat activated cements and components, and excessive heat could compromise their performance.
  • Select your shoe repairer carefully. Use a qualified shoe repairer no matter how simple the work may seem. 
  • Don't wear the same shoes two days in a row. Give your shoes a chance to dry out as excessive perspiration will affect the life of the linings. It is also a good idea for women to adjust their heel height from day to day to help avoid strains and pressure points developing.
  • 'Little and often' is the best approach to shoe care and will make a big difference to how long your new shoes stay looking great.


Remove any grime or dirt with a damp cloth and/or soft brush. Use a quality shoe cream to polish and moisturise the leather. We recommend TRG Shoe Cream for a polished finish. This product is amazing and so clean and simple to use. For delicate leathers and a softer sheen, we recommend Leather Balm.


Brush your suede regularly with a Suede Brush to remove dirt and dust. Use Ultimate Cleanser to remove stains. Treat with Waterproof Protector regularly during wear and always after cleaning. Give them three light coats for the best protection.


Spray regularly with a Waterproof Protector. To remove stains or marks use a fabric shampoo. We highly recommend Ultimate Cleanser.

This covers the basics. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the care of your shoes we would love to help you. We have a technical team second to none keen to ensure you get the very best value from your shoes and solve any problems you may be experiencing. Email or contact us here.