Mischief Women’s Loafers NZ

Perfect to take you from work to play, Mischief has the best range of women’s loafers NZ wide! We mean business when we say we have styles to suit every occasion, so browse our range below and don’t forget we offer free express shipping for orders over $100 on our fantastic range of women’s loafers NZ wide.



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Apple Loafer Apple Loafer
Bresley NZApple Loafer
Sale price$199.90 NZD
Aspen LoaferAspen Loafer
MinxAspen Loafer
Sale price$269.90 NZD
Jania Loafer Jania Loafer
EOSJania Loafer
Sale price$239.90 NZD
Cass Loafer Cass Loafer
EOSCass Loafer
Sale price$229.90 NZD
Abra LoaferAbra Loafer
EOSAbra Loafer
Sale price$219.90 NZD
Beau LoaferBeau Loafer
Hush PuppiesBeau Loafer
Sale price$179.90 NZD
Brooklyn LoaferBrooklyn Loafer
Hush PuppiesBrooklyn Loafer
Sale price$189.90 NZD
Premier LoaferPremier Loafer
Bresley NZPremier Loafer
Sale price$169.90 NZD Regular price$199.90 NZD
Bree Loafer Bree Loafer
Andacco - BrazilBree Loafer
Sale price$169.90 NZD
Tracey Heeled LoaferTracey Heeled Loafer
Chrissie BrazilTracey Heeled Loafer
Sale price$259.90 NZD
Rhinestone Loafer Rhinestone Loafer
Belle ScarpeRhinestone Loafer
Sale price$229.90 NZD
Radu LoaferRadu Loafer
Belle ScarpeRadu Loafer
Sale price$199.90 NZD
Coia Loafer Coia Loafer
EOSCoia Loafer
Sale price$239.90 NZD
Malia Heeled  Loafer Malia Heeled  Loafer
EOSMalia Heeled Loafer
Sale price$239.90 NZD
Melinato Loafer Melinato Loafer
Top EndMelinato Loafer
Sale price$169.90 NZD Regular price$219.90 NZD
Mallys Mary Jane LoaferMallys Mary Jane Loafer
Top EndMallys Mary Jane Loafer
Sale price$219.90 NZD
Vanessa LoaferVanessa Loafer
Mila RaineVanessa Loafer
Sale price$199.90 NZD
Beltomas Loafer Beltomas Loafer
Django & JulietteBeltomas Loafer
Sale price$189.90 NZD Regular price$249.90 NZD
Delmira Loafer Delmira Loafer
Martinez ValeroDelmira Loafer
Sale price$229.90 NZD
Atlanta Loafer Atlanta Loafer
MolliniAtlanta Loafer
Sale price$249.90 NZD
Karma Mary Jane LoaferKarma Mary Jane Loafer
Hush PuppiesKarma Mary Jane Loafer
Sale price$179.90 NZD
Stiller Loafer Stiller Loafer
Bresley NZStiller Loafer
Sale price$169.90 NZD Regular price$199.90 NZD
Hipster Loafer Hipster Loafer
Andrea BianiHipster Loafer
Sale price$229.90 NZD
Fern Loafer Fern Loafer
Andrea BianiFern Loafer
Sale price$229.90 NZD

The Power Of Loafers

When you want a classic yet chic shoe, you can’t go past the range of women’s loafers NZ customers are loving. Unlike many other enclosed shoes, loafers allow your feet to breathe and they often are designed with a thick sole so they are much more comfortable than ballet flats. Because of their design, loafers usually fit a little wider and are often made of soft materials, so wearers can enjoy a little extra room. Style and sophistication shouldn’t come at the price of comfort and dressing for comfort doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. Many Mischief customers tell us that our women’s loafers are the best and most comfortable shoes they’ve ever owned for business and pleasure and we couldn’t agree more!

Make a Style Statement

Women love loafers because they’re low maintenance and casually cool - you don’t have to do them up like you do with sandals, Mary Janes or lace ups. Loafers are so versatile, you can wear them while relaxing around the house or when you want a more comfortable shoe to wear to work. Versatile and stylish, you can team them with pants, skirts and dresses.

We Just Love Loafers!

When you want a shoe that screams ‘professionalism’ even in a more casual setting, you will never feel out of place wearing this trending style of shoe. We have many outstanding colours and designs to choose from. Our gold and silver trims are fan favourites or go for the more understated colours like white, cream or black. You can also choose between a low heel or gain a few inches with one of our platform loafer styles. We adore wearing loafers at our Mischief stores and head office and we know you’ll love them too! Need some help placing your order? You can reach out to us on email: info@mischiefshoes.co.nz or phone our friendly and helpful team on 0800 NEW SHOES.