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Mischief is proud to feature our unique catalogue of Bresley shoes and boots customers can’t get enough of. Our Bresley shoes collection features fashionable women’s shoes and boots which appeal to those who like comfort, colour and style in their footwear. We offer free express shipping for orders over $100 on our fantastic range of Bresley Shoes NZ wide.



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Darwin Boot Darwin Boot
BresleyDarwin Boot
Sale price$169.90 NZD Regular price$269.90 NZD
Amari Boot Amari Boot
Bresley NZAmari Boot
Sale price$149.90 NZD Regular price$259.90 NZD
Avit Lace Up Avit Lace Up
Bresley NZAvit Lace Up
Sale price$199.90 NZD
Sancho Slingback Sancho Slingback
Bresley NZSancho Slingback
Sale price$99.90 NZD Regular price$199.90 NZD
Poncho Slip On Poncho Slip On
Bresley NZPoncho Slip On
Sale price$129.90 NZD Regular price$169.90 NZD
Actor Actor
Bresley NZActor
Sale price$189.90 NZD
Alumni Lace up Alumni Lace up
Bresley NZAlumni Lace up
Sale price$99.90 NZD Regular price$199.90 NZD
Archy LoaferArchy Loafer
Bresley NZArchy Loafer
Sale price$99.90 NZD Regular price$189.90 NZD
Austen Slingback Austen Slingback
Bresley NZAusten Slingback
Sale price$199.90 NZD
Pinot HeelPinot Heel
BresleyPinot Heel
Sale price$149.90 NZD Regular price$199.90 NZD
Dobbie Loafer Dobbie Loafer
Bresley NZDobbie Loafer
Sale price$249.90 NZD
Antopo Loafer Antopo Loafer
Bresley NZAntopo Loafer
Sale price$199.90 NZD
Pinta HeelPinta Heel
BresleyPinta Heel
Sale price$99.90 NZD Regular price$199.90 NZD
Alfie Loafer Alfie Loafer
Bresley NZAlfie Loafer
Sale price$94.90 NZD Regular price$189.90 NZD
Angie Loafer Angie Loafer
BresleyAngie Loafer
Sale price$139.90 NZD Regular price$199.90 NZD
Pine Platform Lace Pine Platform Lace
Bresley NZPine Platform Lace
Sale price$149.90 NZD Regular price$199.90 NZD
Patch SlidePatch Slide
Bresley NZPatch Slide
Sale price$149.90 NZD Regular price$209.90 NZD
Drone SandalDrone Sandal
Bresley NZDrone Sandal
Sale price$99.90 NZD Regular price$189.90 NZD
Devine Loafer Devine Loafer
Bresley NZDevine Loafer
Sale price$99.90 NZD Regular price$199.90 NZD
Aim Slingback Sandal Aim Slingback Sandal
Bresley NZAim Slingback Sandal
Sale price$139.90 NZD Regular price$189.90 NZD
Praxis Sandal Praxis Sandal
Bresley NZPraxis Sandal
Sale price$139.90 NZD Regular price$189.90 NZD
Serenade Sandal Serenade Sandal
Bresley NZSerenade Sandal
Sale price$149.90 NZD Regular price$179.90 NZD
Debacle Sandal Debacle Sandal
BresleyDebacle Sandal
Sale price$159.90 NZD Regular price$189.90 NZD
Sweeper Heel Sweeper Heel
Bresley NZSweeper Heel
Sale price$139.90 NZD Regular price$189.90 NZD

Why We Love Bresley Shoes

Fabulously stylish and comfortable, our range of Bresley shoes are designed right here in NZ by footwear experts. Bresley style takes form from classic silhouettes and incorporates a contemporary fashionable edge. Bresley shoes combine beautiful textured leathers and coloured materials, with a strong focus on comfort and fit to create their iconic styles. Bresley shoes definitely tick a lot of boxes when you’re looking for a shoe that’s designed for the modern, stylish and sophisticated woman. Comfortable for all day wear, they can take you from the office to the bar in style. Experience Bresley shoes for yourself and shop NZ’s largest huge collection of Bresley shoes, boots and sandals for women. At Mischief, we think that Bresley is one of the best valued brands in NZ, so take a look today, we know you won’t be disappointed.

Brillant Styles To Choose From

There are many fabulous styles of Bresley shoes and Bresley boots you can add to your wardrobe. Mischief stocks chic slingbacks, fun sandals, wearable wedges, funky slides, knockout heels, sophisticated loafers, sassy slip ons, luxurious lace ups, pretty platforms, adorable ankle boots, dreamy dress shoes, and more! Enjoy browsing through Mischief for your favourite Bresley style, or maybe discover something new and different. Apart from the superb range of styles, what makes them so popular is that Bresley shoes are great value, with prices that distinguish themselves from other quality brands. Because you will love wearing them, you’ll want to time and time again. And here's some more good news, they’re designed to last, so you get even more style for your dollar.

Always The Best In Bresley Styles

Here at Mischief, we’re always committed to bringing you great shoes from around the world and that includes New Zealand’s very own Bresley shoes. There are so many reasons why everyone loves Bresley shoes in NZ, from their perfect fit to the luxurious feel of the leather linings and designs. When you step out in Bresley shoes, you’ll understand exactly why Bresley have made such a name for themselves in fashionable women’s shoes, with on-trend styles crafted with premium materials and delivered to you at a great price. Mischief is all about creating a great shopping experience, so we’ve curated the finest selection of Bresley shoes and Bresley boots for you. If you need any assistance, you can contact our team via email: or you can call us on 0800 NEW SHOES. We deliver Bresley Shoes NZ wide, so ‘add to cart’ today!