Gift Cards

Where can I get a Mischief Gift Card?

In either of our Mischief stores or Mischief online. On the website, you can choose either a physical Gift Card or an E-Gift Card.

What are the general Terms & Conditions of use for Mischief Gift Cards?

You can find these here.

How long is my Mischief Gift Card valid for?

Your Mischief Gift Card is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Where can I use a Gift Card?

You can use it either instore at Mischief Shoes or online at

What happens if I lose my Gift Card?

The Mischief Gift Card is the responsibility of the holder and will not be replaced, if stolen, lost or damaged.

Can I add to the original balance of my Gift Card?


How do I use a Gift Card online at

Select the payment method "Gift Card” and enter the Gift Card number and PIN, then click the ‘Activate’ button.

How do I use an E-Gift Card in a Mischief store if I received it by email?

You can either print the E-Gift Card and show it to the Mischief team member when you are ready to make your purchase or you can show it to them directly on your mobile phone.

Do I need to activate a Gift Card bought at a Mischief Shoes store or at

No, your Gift Card is active from the point of its purchase.

Why could my Gift Card be rejected?

Your Gift Card could be rejected for the following reasons:

·       The card may have expired. Check that your Gift Card has not exceeded its expiry date.

·       There could be no balance left on your Gift Card. You can check your balance here. 

·       The details entered could be incorrect. Check that you have filled in all the required fields correctly.

Do I need to keep a used Card?

No, there is no need to retain the Gift Card once its full balance has been used.

Can I return a physical Gift Card or an E-Gift Card bought online?

No, Mischief Gift Cards are subject to no returns.

What happens if I return an item bought at with a Mischief Gift Card?

A new Gift Card will be issued, to the value of the original purchase amount of the item/s being returned.



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